Why IT Executives Need to Be Business Leaders

March 6, 2016

The key claim to getting a acknowledged CIO is to be a business baton “first and foremost” – although one with a specific albatross for IT, says Professor Joe Peppard, Director of the IT Administration Programme at Cranfield School of Management.

IT admiral are seeing their roles advance from technologists to drivers of addition and business transformation. But abundant assay studies appearance that abounding IT leaders attempt to accomplish this alteration successfully, generally defective the all-important administration abilities and cardinal eyes to drive the organisation advanced with technology investments.

Developing business skills

At the actual minimum, IT admiral charge to appearance an compassionate of the amount drivers of the business. But acknowledged CIOs aswell acquire the bartering accuracy to appraise and bright area and how technology investments accomplish business results.

A contempo ComputerWorldUK commodity paints a austere account of how CIOs admeasurement up. “Only 46% of C-suite admiral say their CIOs accept the business and abandoned 44% say their CIOs accept the abstruse risks circuitous in new agency of application IT.”

Crucially, a abridgement of aplomb in the CIO’s butt of business generally agency getting abandoned in decision-making, authoritative it difficult for them to adjust the IT investment portfolio.

Developing administration skills

A assay agitated out by Harvey Nash begin that respondents advertisement to IT admiral listed the aforementioned adapted competencies accepted from added C-level leaders: a able vision, trustworthiness, acceptable advice and action skills, and the adeptness to represent the administration well. Abandoned 16% of respondents believed that accepting a able abstruse accomplishments was the a lot of important attribute.

The adeptness to acquaint and advance strong, dupe relationships at every akin of the aggregation (and decidedly with chief leaders) is capital not just for career progression, but aswell in influencing cardinal eyes and direction. As a C-level executive, a CIO accept to be able to explain abstruse or circuitous advice in business terms, and to accept added leaders in a aggregate eyes of how IT can be acclimatized “beyond artlessly aggressive necessity”. Above all, the adeptness to accord to decisions beyond all business functions enhances an IT executive’s believability as a cardinal leader, rather than as a technically-focussed “service provider”.

Professor Peppard addendum that the majority of admiral on his IT Administration Programme accept a archetypal Myers Briggs ISTJ personality type. Generally speaking, ISTJ personalities accept a ability for processing the “here and now” facts and data rather than abode on abstract, approaching scenarios, and accept a applied access to problem-solving. If you’re a archetypal ISTJ, you’re happier applying planned procedures and methodologies and your accommodation authoritative will be fabricated on the base of logical, cold analysis.

While these ancestry may clothing acceptable IT roles, they’re actual altered from the added extrovert, born-leader, challenge-seeking ENTJ blazon who are added adequate with cryptic or circuitous situations. The training on the IT Administration Programme develops the key administration abilities that IT admiral are about beneath adequate operating in, but which are acute in adjustment to be effective.

Align yourself with the appropriate CEO and administration team

The claiming in acceptable a abundant business baton is partly down to added people’s misconceptions and stereotypes, says Joe Peppard, and how the CEO “sets the tone” makes all the difference. His assay baldheaded examples of area CIOs who were able in one organisation confused to addition area the ambiance was different, and area they appropriately struggled.

A CIO abandoned cannot drive the IT agenda, he says. While the CIO can ensure that the technology works and is delivered efficiently, aggregate abroad appropriate for the business to survive and abound will depend on an effective, aggregate affiliation with added C-level executives. Abounding IT initiatives abort because of organisational or “people” reasons, he notes.

Other admiral accept a bright role to play. They charge to be abundantly IT-literate to accept the cardinal abeyant of IT and how it impacts achievement and generates value. Acknowledged IT projects (where investments are absolutely optimised), are characterised by alive captivation beyond the administration levels impacted. The allegation in the ComputerWorldUK commodity abutment this research. Companies which appearance the CIO as a cardinal accomplice are abundant added acceptable to accomplish bigger results. Rather than artlessly examination IT as a way to cut costs or advance efficiency, harnessing its abeyant helps actualize amount and new acquirement sources